The Chocolate Factory

At Denman Island Chocolate we believe in the importance of beauty in all aspects of our business. We start with our factory. Think factory and you might imagine concrete blocks and smokestacks. Well, we wanted to do things differently. Our factory is perched on top of a bluff overlooking ocean and mountains. We are surrounded by trees that are protected by a permanent conservation covenant we put in place in 2006. The building itself is all curves, with lots of wood and glass. We have used building materials and techniques appropriate for our bioregion, including recycled fir boards and Paperstone countertops (made of recycled cardboard and cashew shell resins) in the staff kitchen. We use a heat pump and wood stove to keep our factory warm in the winter and natural ventilation and tree cover help keep us cool in the summer. We love being surrounded by this beauty. We also think that it is important to create and be a part of beauty in order to make a product that we can make and send to you with the realisation that it doesn't just taste good; it is good.